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Explanation of the selected issue. Why is this issue important in the healthcare field? 

  • Explanation of the selected issue. Why is this issue important in the healthcare field?
  • Discuss any ethical and legal implications that can arise from the selected issue and the impact on the patient and the healthcare professional.
  • Identify and explain two (2) challenges related to the selected ethical controversial issue that can impact the role of the healthcare professional?
  • Paper must be typed in font-size 12, include citations, and references with proper APA formatting. The paper must contain a minimum of three (3) current references. Use your resources from the assigned textbook, periodicals and web sites and the Excelsior College library. Paper length should be 4 pages including a cover page and a reference page. The paper should address one of the following ethical issues:
    • Stem cell research
    • Genetic testing
    • Persistent vegetative state
    • The Americans Disabilities Act
    • Pre-existing conditions
    • Organ allocation

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