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Using Information Technology to Improve Patient Safety and Quality of Nursing Care

Using Information Technology to Improve Patient Safety and Quality of Nursing Care

For this Application Assignment, you are to write a 4- to 5-page paper on the issues of data quality, patient safety, and access to health care. Reflect on your own practices and review your readings and the media programs about how information technology improves patient safety and quality of care.

Conduct additional research using the Walden Library. Then, addressing the following:

  • Describe strategies that are used to ensure the accuracy and safety of data entered into information systems used in nursing practice.
  • Explain the importance of data integrity for health care institutions.
  • Summarize how information technology contributes to patient safety and to access to health care.

Make sure to refer to your Application Assignment Rubric prior to submission. Support your position or those of others with references from the professional literature.

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